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A Revolution in water less manicure/pedicure solutions


Product Features

Sleek & Beautiful

Water less

BalbCare gloves and socks eliminate the need for water during manicures, fully removing the risk of contamination by fungi, unwanted mycoses amongst other diseases.

Sleek & Beautiful

Shorter treatment times

BalbCare Gloves/socks shortens treatment time by 15 minutes per treatment by eliminating the need for soaking hands or feet in water. This allows you to perform more procedures in one day, as set up times are also reduced.

Sleek & Beautiful

Lower Costs

BalbCare eliminates the need for several different products, which may all have different expiration dates. With BalbCare gloves and socks there is no need for water, towels, bowls, creams, exfolients and oils.

Sleek & Beautiful

A unique emulsion

BalbCare Emulsion is the result of many years research and development at BalbPharm laboratory and uses a very high content of natural nutrients only, derived from the tropical rainforests of south America.