Why Balbcare®

The key features of BalbCare®

  • A unique emulsionBalbCare® Emulsion is the result of many years research and development at BalbPharm laboratory and uses a very high content of natural nutrients only.
  • Unheard of nourishment high quality natural ingredients derived from the tropical forests of South America make up BalbCare®’s unique emulsion .

  • Hygiene and safety – BalbCare® Gloves/Sock are disposable sterile products, containing everything that you need for a manicure/pedicure. It contains natural fungicidal compounds within the emulsion, which provides a much higher standard of health and safety when performing a treatment.

  • No tap waterBalbCare® gloves and socks eliminate the need for water during manicures, fully removing the risk of contamination by fungi, unwanted mycoses amongst other diseases.

  • Lower costsBalbCare® eliminates the need of several different products, which may all have different expiration dates. With BalbCare® gloves and socks there is no need for water, towels, bowls, creams, exfolients and oils.

  • Shorter treatment timesBalbCare® Gloves/socks shortens treatment time by 15 minutes per treatment by eliminating the need for soaking hands or feet in water instead uses a unique formula which improves treatment. This allows you to perform more procedures in one day.

BalbCare® GLOVES and SOCKS Emollients

Dermal and nail treatment in two basic versions:
Gloves and Socks loaded with professional emollient.

Third Generation Haemostatic agents • Complete Disposable Kit
Calcium and Keratin • Nail varnish fixative • Antiseptic agents • Antifungal agents
Natural calming and anti-inflammatory for the cuticles.

Pair of High Density Unadultered universal fitting Polyethylene 

gloves containing 26g of Professional Emollient


one wooden cuticle stick

one nail file

Pair of High Density Unadultered universal fitting Polyethylene

socks containing 30g of Professional Emollient


one wooden cuticle stick

one nail file

BalbCare® is sold ready to be applied and has an unique and individual unit. It consists of anatomical sterilised plastic gloves and socks and with an emulsion. Include a nail file, a wooden cuticle pick and may include an absorbent towel. In practice, BalbCare® replaces the old pot or bowl of water used by manicures / pedicures. Simply place the accessory on the client’s hands after filing the nails and massage.

There are several advantages

For example, protection against diseases like onychomycosis and inflamed cuticles, but still be careful, as only proper sterilisation of tools such as spatula nail files and pliers will guarantee protection against AIDS and Hepatitis B and C.

Healthier nails

Calcium and Keratin Nutritional Complex: nourishes and fortifies the nails in just 5 minutes.

Further advantages

Spares the use of moisturising creams over the cuticles. Another advantage of the Cuticles Complex Conditioner, is the fact that it does not contain surfactants like common soaps do (this ensures the nail does not lose its natural defences, further strengthening the antiseptic power of the formula).